Friday, November 6, 2009

Final Transfer?

A couple of weeks ago we were given our notices about the up-coming final transfer for 5th-years. Come December, if we choose to do so, we will be able to make our last transfer. Otherwise, we can just stay on with the companies we are currently with and continue working. Now is the time when we have to make that decision and get all the required signatures, etc.

I've been thinking about this transfer for a long time. To me, in terms of employment and the future, it represents the largest stroke of independent decision-making that I've had to make so far. I have to consider all the relationships I've forged in the past 4½ years as well as the different types of work I've encountered with each company, not to mention the availability of work that each company may or may not have at this point in time. I have to assess my opportunities.

But I also have to sell myself to a certain degree, or at least realize the fact that the day-to-day work that I've done since June 2005 has been my sales-pitch so far. This transfer has pushed me to evaluate myself more objectively: I'm comfortable with my skills as an apprentice, but do I make a good journeyman? I haven't had to consider this so honestly before. I've only got 7 or 8 months left as an apprentice. The company I choose to transfer to will be treating me like a journeyman in a matter of months. Whoa!

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  1. That's such a scary thought! I'm starting to consider this very question (a little early perhaps), and I don't yet know what this next year has ahead for me... I can't believe how fast time is moving!